Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (7) - Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

Top Ten Tuesday is a an original feature/ weekly meme that was created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new topic is presented and this week's is:

Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

1. Book Withdrawal- You know that feeling that you get after you finish a really good book? And you just want to read the next one except it's not coming out until next year? Or even worst there is no next one? Yeah, that feeling.

2. Book to Movie- The hope. The disappointment. We've all been there with the crappy adaptations with half the plot changed and the other half gone altogether. (I'm looking at you Mortal Instruments movie- why??) 

3. I Have Too Many - I didn't realize exactly how many books I actually owned until I had to move this summer. Let me tell you I think that I hurt my back transporting boxes and suitcases of books to my car. I thought that I was really good about limiting the number of books that I owned- I usually give out or donate my arcs/ books that I didn't enjoy, but there was still a ton of books. I cleared out most of shelves during the move but I have a feeling that books are soon going to replace the space again.

4. I'm Spending Too Much On Books- This is probably the reason for the previous one. Is it my fault that the book just came out and that I really need it? Or that it has a nice cover? Or that it got great reviews from everybody that I know? Or that it's on sale? No. No it's not.

5. The Never-ending Stack of Books to be Read- They're glaring at me as I type this. "Read me! Why haven't you read me yet?"

6. When There's No Fandom for the Book- Where is the fanart? The fanfiction? The place where I can talk about how much I loved it? WHY DON'T MORE PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THIS BOOK??

7. Forgetting What Happens in the Previous Book- "Oh man I know that I liked the first one? Wait what happened in it?"

8. My Covers Don't Match - I absolutely hate it when a publisher changes the book covers in the middle of a series because then I have the problem of my covers not matching on my bookshelf. They look like they don't belong together even though they do! (Although some book covers changing are for the best)

9. The Long Nights/ Early Mornings- When you HAVE to finish the book and know how it ends. You can't go to sleep without finishing the book! There's only a couple of pages left. Does it matter if you have class tomorrow? Probably not.

And (Of course)

10. I Don't Have Time to Read Them All- The classic booklover's problem. *sigh* 


  1. Oh, yes. I relate to all of these, especially book to movie.

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  2. Since I returned to reading, I've been having all of these problems xD