Sunday, November 22, 2015

[Discussion] So Many Books, So Little Time, So How Do I Choose?

If you're admittedly a bibliophile, and feel free to raise your hand here because I'm definitely in that category, you've probably wondered at some point in your book-filled life,

As someone who had an on-and-off relationship with books until a few months ago (I only read for school and read the books I got from Bookcon and occasionally, well rarely, I read library books or books from Strand during high school) Shocking, right? I was obsessed with Harry Potter and The Princess Diaries as a kid, but during high school I missed out on so many good books.

So for the past few months, I've been catching up, in a sense. After Bookcon, after finally getting into the whole blogging thing Alice/Yiling were doing, there was a whole world of books for me. I didn't know where to start, but luckily, there are a ton of resources and reasons why I'm into these books today.

1. Recommendations from friends 
My friends read great books, I read reviews of their great books, and then I must read said great books. On occasion, they've even lent me these books because they're amazing people. They're so spot on with their recommendations because I've loved/liked all the books they've recommended/lent me. Definitely, if you're looking for good books, your friends are your best bet because they know you best! Also, we all tend to share similar book interests. 

I've been recommended:

2. Goodreads  
I know some people don't like to do this, but when I see a book that looks like I could read it in the future, I'll check it out on Goodreads for the rating, the synopsis, the reviews (but not too many; don't want any spoilers!) Plus, Goodreads even throws a few suggestions your way after you've read twenty books. Soon enough, your TBR list goes from 0 to fifty in under an hour - whoops. Does anyone else do this, or would they prefer to not know the ratings or reviews of a book before they read it? 

3. Beautiful covers 
Okay, okay, I know the saying goes "You shouldn't judge a book by its cover." As much as we hate to admit it, we do it a lot! When we're casually browsing through a bookstore or scrolling through Goodreads, we will look at those pretty covers, and hopefully they're as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside. So this is me basically admitting my bad habit, and I don't do this as much anymore because I've been kept busy with recommendations and reviews, but it was a good starting point that allowed me to branch out into other books. 
Example of beautiful cover that pulled me in

4. Coincided with my interests 
As a child, I liked princesses and fantasy and mythology, so I gravitated towards books about those things. As an almost adult, I'm into time travel and badass female main characters and arrogant but attractive princes. So I just had to find books that had those types of things I liked. The powers of Google! If you like sports or space or cats - anything, I'm sure there's a book out there about it.

Finally, and this is something I've discovered recently through social media...

5. Fellow book bloggers  
If you are looking for books and don't know what to choose or what to read, book bloggers are always on the lookout for awesome reads! They're passionate about what they do, and they will recommend to you the books they absolutely loved. And they read a tooooon of books, so they know what they're talking about. Lately, I've been on Twitter and snooping around on my fellow book bloggers' blogs. They have really great suggestions, so be sure to check them out!

So here are a few of the resources I used to find books to read/reasons why I picked the books I picked to read. Safe to say my TBR list will never be at zero because of recommendations and book blogs. 

How do you pick your books? Do you go to your friends for advice? Or book bloggers/booktubers? Do you simply google a topic of interest? Or... do you eenie, meenie, mini, mo a book at the library/bookstore? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. Oh good discussion! I'd love to say Goodreads, and that is half true, but I don't really like the goodreads recommendations it gives me! Goodreads hates me I think and they only recommend uninteresting books to me, so I look under the YA genre or listopias for books I want to read :).
    Other than that, I think bloggers and covers are important in spreading the word :D!
    Have a great day :)

    1. Oh I haven't thought of the goodreads lists! Definitely something to look into.
      and likewise :)