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[Review] SST Review: The Island by S. Usher Evans

Hey guys! I'll be reviewing this book as part of Nori's SST. So, I received this book in exchange for an honest review, which doesn't impact my review in any way. 

The Island by S. Usher Evans
Version: Paperback
Rating: 4 stars

To Be Published: April 26th 2016
Prince Galian is third in line to the throne, but prefers his place as a resident at the Royal Kylaen Hospital. When his father urges him to join the military to help reclaim their colony, Galian is forced to put aside his oath to Do No Harm and fight a war he does not believe in.        Across the great Madion Sea, Captain Theo Kallistrate dreams of a day when she is no longer bound by conscription to fight for her country's independence. But when the Kylaens threaten, honor and duty call her to the front lines to fight off the oppressors.        When an air skirmish goes wrong, both Theo and Galian crash on a remote island hundreds of miles from either nation. Grievously injured, Theo must rely on Galian's medical expertise, and Galian must rely on Theo's survival skills, to live another day in a harsh and unforgiving terrain.        Can they put aside their differences long enough to survive? Or will the war that brought them to the island tear them apart?
First of all, thank you Nori for hosting the Sunday Street Team and giving us an opportunity to review The Island!

Theo Kallistrate and Prince Galian end up marooned on an island, even though one is prince of the country trying to reclaim the other's country. So tensions rise, and they must work together in order to survive. 

I would like to point out that I don't see many books with doctors in them, but prince doctors? Props to S. Usher Evans because I was able to relate so much more to Prince Galian (sans the former playboy nature of his), as a current pre-med student. Theo Kallistrate, too, was also likable - despite being surrounded by guys in her field, she rose to prominence.

The politics and intrigue that surrounded their countries was interesting to read about. I usually read about it taking place in courts, full of gossip and deceit, but for Theo and Galian to find out about the atrocities committed on a deserted island - it makes you wonder, what other secrets are being hidden?

One thing I have to critique is the romance. If Prince Galian is the prince of a country who is dead-set on annexing Theo's country through any means of violent and inhumane warfare, how possible is it for them to fall in love with each other in two months? Mutual respect I can see, but love... Well, you see the same person for 60 days I suppose you can fall in love with them.

Regardless, the survival portion of the story was entertaining to read about. Their quips and banter evolving over time, and we get to learn a great deal about both characters. When you are trapped on an island, there's a lot of time to be open and yourself with no one judging you.

The Island was a story full of romance and intrigue - I will be picking up the sequel to see where Galian and Theo's adventure leads next.

About the Author:S. Usher Evans is an author, blogger, and witty banter aficionado. Born in Pensacola, Florida, she left the sleepy town behind for the fast-paced world of Washington, D.C.. There, she somehow landed jobs with BBC, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Television before finally settling into a “real job” as an IT consultant. After a quarter life crisis at age 27, she decided consulting was for the birds and rekindled a childhood passion for writing novels. She sold everything she owned and moved back to Pensacola, where she currently resides with her two dogs, Zoe and Mr. Biscuit.
Evans is the author of the Razia series and Empath, both published by Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing.

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