Monday, March 14, 2016

Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza 3: Do a Book Tag

Happy Monday everyone!

Trying to post this on time for once... but today's theme is -

Do a Book Tag! 

And because I sort of finished The Lunar Chronicles last year (if you don't count Stars Above and Fairest, which I will get to), the book tag I'm doing is -

The Lunar Chronicles Book Tag

CINDER | The Cyborg
A Book That's Often Misunderstood or Unappreciated 

The Siren by Kiera Cass wasn't what I expected, in a good way. From what I was hearing of The Selection, I thought it wouldn't be my style, but The Siren was a cutesy love story with a happy ending. It was an interesting take on siren mythology.

KAI | The Prince
A Book About Royals/Royalty

Much of the Seven Realms series revolves around conflicts of between the wizards, the clans, and of course, the Queen of the Fells. There's a lot of fighting trying to secure Princess Raisa's claim to the throne, as well as her hand in marriage. Unfortunately, I am not that Princess Raisa.

ADRI | The Evil Stepmother
A Book With a Horrible/Cringe-Worthy Parent

The parent-child dynamic was complex in this one. While I felt bad that Mercedes's mom was absent most of the time and didn't spend time with her daughter, when she did, Mercedes pushed her away. So I felt bad for both of them, even though more so for Mercedes.

IKO | The Spunky Sidekick
A Book With Your Favorite Happy-Go-Lucky Character

Fritz is so adorable and funny! Him, Larel, and Vhalla were a perfect trio of friends! Larel is the responsible one, Vhalla's still taking her baby steps with windwalking, and Fritz is the encouraging, lighthearted one. Coincidentally reading Earth's End, so let's see how Fritz and the rest of the gang is doing. Hopefully well!

Scarlet | The Rescuer
A Book With a Character on a Mission

Yael is on a mission, and it's a deadly one at that! I admire her strength and perseverance - she's got a tough task at hand. Take down the Nazi regime Yael! The sequel will come out in the fall, and I can't wait for her to emerge victorious.

WOLF | The Fighter
A Book With a Brutal Fight (with words or fists)

This book was brutal with all the action, blood, and loss. I wouldn't want to live in the Martial Empire. And they discriminate/eliminated Scholars for their knowledge and books - nope not a world for me.

LEVANA | The Villain
A Book With the Absolute Worst Villain

I wouldn't call The Darkling the worst, since I haven't read the rest of the series (awkward). He is the worst in the sense that I really liked him and shipped him with Alina and then he ends up actually being evil. Darn it man. 

THORNE | The Rascal
A Book With the Biggest Schmoozer

Theo Beck, he's charming and full-of-himself, but he means well. And if Marguerite doesn't want him, I'd gladly have him.

CRESS | The Hacker 
A Book About Technology, Or Sci-Fi

Well, isn't that an obvious answer. Illuminae is the epitome of sci-fi/technology, with hacker Kady and an AI perhaps bent on killing them all. And, of course, it all takes place in space.

ERLAND | The Doctor
A Book With An Illness or Revolving Around Medical Issues

How medical can you get? This book's main character becomes a doctor, and deals with the fundamental moral issue of performing surgery until one cannot anymore. In Cutting for Stone, "words of comfort" matter more than taking the scapula to a patient's skin in search of a cure. 

WINTER | The Unsound Mind
A Book With the Craziest Character 

Alfred scared me. His delusions of grandeur creeped me out, and that end reveal... He was a cringey character.

JACIN | The Soldier
A Book With a Military Theme

A world where the government keeps its people in check with its annual fight-to-the-death match in a deserted island. This is the original Hunger Games. The government watches your every move, and if you mess up,  you're done for. 

This actually took longer than I thought, and it was much harder than I thought. Every time I had a book down, for the next category, it also seemed to fit there too! 

Have you read any of these? What books would you place in these categories?

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  1. I haven't read any of the books on this, but they are all on my TBR. Great picks for each category! :)