Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Blogging Extravaganza 1: An Interview with Yourself

I'm actually off to a bad start. This is actually my break at midnight as I study for an abnormal psychology midterm. But a fun break! I like interviews about myself. Does that make me sound conceited?


In order for me to get back into blogging because it seems to be my procrastination tool for organic chemistry... I've decided, since this looks really fun, to do Rachel from Beauty and the Bookshelf's
Challenge! You can find it here.

The purpose of this challenge is to be more active in blogging once more, so every Wednesday, Friday, and Monday, even in the midst of midterms, I'll be posting something.

Day 1's Theme is

An Interview with Yourself

The most recent pic - aka the selfie I took yesterday
So, Agent. Before we get started on your top secret mission, it's time for a debriefing. What's your name, and your purpose?
I'm Raisa, and I'm a co-blogger here at Wonderland Novels. I'm also a suffering premed student whose main goal in life is to build a time machine.

Ah, Agent Raisa is a scientist! You must be well versed in quantum physics and butterfly theory.
No? I'm actually a chemistry major whose favorite anime is Stein's Gate. That's the extent of my time travel knowledge. 

Alas, what a shame, Agent. Do you have any other abilities of note?
I have some understanding of Russian and Japanese, if you count my respective high school and college education of it. And I can understand Tagalog pretty well. Mahal kita Philippines. Pagod na ako. I wonder if I said that right. 

You'd be a perfect interpreter, the perfect spy!
Wait, what? 

Moving on. Agent Raisa, it says in your files that you are a lover of the arts. A true connoisseur of the written work, especially. Do you have a particular favorite? 
Historical fiction always gets me. 
A few favorites I could read over and over include Novala Takemoto's Kamikaze Girls, Ruta Sepetys's Salt to the Sea, and Elizabeth Wein's Code Name Verity.
But as a whole, I thoroughly enjoy reading. Could do it forever.

Scene from the Kamikaze Girls movie
Code Name Verity! A book about a spy. I knew you were right for this job.
You are also a fan of musical works, are you not? Recommend us a couple of artists.
I'm basically an Indie game soundtrack fangirl. Or just great game soundtracks in general. 
I recommend Life is Strange - best songs are To All of Us, Something Good, Obstacles, Mt. Washington.
Transistor - In Circles and Old Friends.
Undertale - Megalovania, Death by Glamour, Heartache, Bonetrousle.

I assume when you say game soundtracks you are a gamer as well? A spy of many trades.
If you count gaming during the free moments of my time, when I'm not reading, sure. I recommend the above games, and I'm always searching for more.

There's a small mention in the misc. section of your files - You aren't unnerved by the sight of blood?
I am going to be a doctor, after all. And after watching all those great Tarantino movies, I don't even blink with those violent scenes. Although Hateful 8 was a bit more excessive than I was used to, even for a Tarantino.
And yes, Tarantino is my favorite movie maker. I've seen almost all his works. 

I, too, am a Tarantino fan. Your favorite movie by him is...
Pulp Fiction. But all of them were beautifully and intricately crafted. Inglourious Basterds, Hateful 8, Kill Bill 1 and 2, etc, all were wonderful.
Not to get too off topic, but a non Tarantino foreign film with great soundtrack is Amelie!

Your qualifications are outstanding, Agent. But let me get down to the more nitty gritty. As if we weren't doing that already.
What do you want to know? 
Favorite color - purple. 
Mango green bubble tea with extra bubbles and nata jelly. 
My specialty is lemon lime bars. 
I tell bad jokes. 
Favorite places to visit - Philippines and Japan.
Anything else?

Yes, one last thing.
Coke or pepsi?
Neither, I'm a water gal.

Agent Raisa has passed with flying colors.

I am reached at Twitter as @raisinetta 
Follow my progress as I complain about books over on Goodreads

In which everyone learns more about the chick who rants about books. What did you think of my spy debriefing? Anyone like Tarantino? Or Pusheens? Or even Kamikaze Girls? 

This was a fun way to spend my break. Hopefully I'll be on time to post on Friday! 


  1. HI RAISA! This is SUCH a lovely interview! I'm not on a blogging slump, but I thought it would be uber fun to do it anyway! YAY! IT'S SO COOL THAT YOU KNOW JAPANESE! I have this friend who self taught himself , and went and wrote the Level 1 exam. He scares me a bit.

    New Follower, and i friended you on goodreads!

    Aditi @

    1. Thanks Aditi :) I have a friend too who taught himself Japanese! Although he confused himself when he started taking classes... aha.

  2. Hello Raisa! I had such a fun time reading this interview, but I think you might have been hired as a spy? LOL.

    Oh my gosh, Raisa, LIFE IS STRANGE!! The music is great, but the game itself gives me such anxiety! I had to stop playing it. I made it to episode three and I just couldn't do it anymore. That little butterfly of death also telling me my actions will have consequences - AHHHHH!!

    I love that Pusheen gif. If only there were a book there, that'd be my Friday and Saturday nights. LOL.

    Great interview. Thanks for sharing. New Bloglovin' Follower.

    - Elizabeth @ Book Yabber

    1. Hello Elizabeth! I'm actually on Episode 3! I want to finish but I haven't had much time. I hear the ending(s) will be interesting. xD

      And thank you :) My new spy job has been a wild one haha.

  3. I know a smattering of Russian and Japanese too! but not Tagalog, unfortunately. That's so cool!
    Code Name Verity hit me in the feels!
    I really need to check out Kamikaze girls.
    Lovely interview, Raisa! So much fun.

    1. Thanks Annika :D Tagalog isn't so hard since it has a lot of similarities to Spanish but I wish I was more fluent in it.
      Code Name Verity made me sad. And I def recommend Kamikaze Girls!

  4. I'm about to start Salt to the Sea! I've heard wonderful things about it and am looking forward to it! I loved Ameleie , such a great movie! Have you seen A Very Long Engagement with the same actress? Ah, SO GOOD/ You should definitely see it :)

    Here is my interview!
    Molly @ Molly's Book Nook

    1. I haven't seen A Long Engagement, but I'm always looking for new movies so I'll look into it!

      Thanks Molly :)

  5. Love the Pusheen gif. And nice to meet you! I take it you're a spy? hahaha. :) So cute. I have only seen one Tarintino movie - Pulp Fiction which I liked a lot. But I think he tends to be too dark/bloody for me. A lot of people I know love him though so I think I'm in the minority.


    1. I'm still not sure how I ended up becoming a spy... it was all a blur haha. Tarantino definitely is bloody and some of my friends dislike that too. But there are a ton of great non-Tarantino movies out there :)
      Thanks Rachel!

  6. Yay for Tarantino! I have an undergrad from film studies and I am now doing a media studies post grad and all I can tell you is that WE HAVE DISCUSSED TARANTINO A LOT! :) I love Amelie too - that film makes me always so happy!

    1. That sounds awesome! And Amelie was such an uplifting movie; I would like to watch it again!
      Thanks Milka! :D

  7. Love love love Tarantino! Have you seen Four Rooms? The entire movie is awesome, but the scene in his "room" is one of the best. I haven't seen Hateful 8 yet, but I will eventually.

    Great interview!!

    1. That's the one Tarantino i haven't seen yet.
      Hateful 8 was so good! It was unlike his others, because the buildup took longer, but it was so satisfying in the end.
      Thanks Stacee!

  8. This is such a fun interview! Love it!!

    Salt to the Sea tore my heart apart. Iʻm having a small reading hangover because of it and itʻs been a week already! Iʻm just getting in to reading Historical Fiction again so Iʻll definitely be looking up those other two books you mentioned.

    I am Filipino but I have never been to the Philippines nor do I understand any of the languages...but I can swear in Tagalog, thanks to my days of going to Catholic school, haha.

    1. I can swear in Tagalog too! It's the best aha.
      Historical fiction is so much fun... well, in the realistic heart-wrenching sense! So many good books in the genre.
      Thanks Lali :)

  9. Great interview!!! My favorite color is purple as well :) New follower. Glad to be participating in this blogging extravaganza!

  10. YES TO WATER. I don't drink pop and coffee tends to make me feel sick, so water it is. (Also, Sunny D is everything, and yes, Mom, it's real orange juice.) CODE NAME VERITY. Looove that book. Have you listened to the audio? It's specTACular. I have SALT TO THE SEA and really need to read it. I haven't read much historical fiction--I thought it would bore me--but I've loved like everything I've read. I love how you do this an interview with an agent/spy. It's so fun!

    1. I haven't listened to an audio for a book yet, but I may just check it out! And def read Salt to the Sea! It was amazing.
      Thanks Rachel!

  11. I saw this on another blog because of #commenting365 and it's such a cool feature! The interview with yourself is a really cool concept, and if Rachel ever hosts it again I think I might join.

    Pusheen and anime! Yes! I've heard of Stein's Gate but never really looked into it too much. Worth a watch? Some of my favorites are Reborn!, Naruto Shippuden and Sword Art Online, but I'm open to many different ones.

    Undertale is amazing. Such a great game, and very different from others that are coming out recently. AND HISTORICAL FICTION. If you enjoy it in general as a genre, you should read Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly (it's got some time travel ;3).

    - Eli @ The Silver Words

    1. Stein's Gate I recommend 100% ! I want to rewatch it actually. It would be my third time haha.
      Undertale is amazing! I have to finish it one day.
      I read These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly and loved it, so I'll def check it out!
      Thanks Eli :)