Saturday, August 20, 2016

Top 5 Previously Released 2016 Books That I Want To Read

2016 is full of great books, and I don't think I have the time to read them all. Lately I've been focusing on finishing fall 2016 ARCs for #arcAugust, leaving all my other books in the dust. If only there were more hours in the day... anyway! Here are some earlier 2016 releases that I hopefully will get to (one day).

My Lady Jane has been getting a ton of positive reviews for being funny as hell (despite being historically inaccurate). I haven't picked up historical fiction in awhile, but once I catch up to #arcAugust, I'm reading this lively book next.

Contemporary Sherlock/Watson mysteries taking place in America seem interesting. Although, I have yet to get into the Sherlock craze that everyone else is in. I wasn't a fan of Jackaby, but maybe this retelling with a female Sherlock will do the trick.

For someone who loves dreams and their meaning and all that interpretational stuff, Dreamology is a book I would really love to read! It also gives me The Love That Split the World vibes, and I loved that book dearly.

An Aladdin retelling? It makes me think of The Wrath and the Dawn. The Forbidden Wish sounds magical. If I'm in the mood for romance, I'd want to pick this book up.

An Asian main character, GLBT romance, and space pirates? That sounds like an exciting tale. Plus, I always love reading books with Asian main characters (we need more diversity in our books).

Fun fact: I only own the first book. The rest of them, perhaps when I'm no longer a suffering college student.

Which book have you read? Do you recommend any of the above?

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