Wednesday, August 26, 2015

[Review] Dream a Little Dream by Kerstin Gier

Dream a Little Dream by Kerstin Gier

Rating: 3 Stars
Series: Silber #1
Version: Hardcover
Release Date:  April 14th, 2015

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Mysterious doors with lizard-head knobs. Talking stone statues. A crazy girl with a hatchet. Yes, Liv's dreams have been pretty weird lately. Especially the one where she's in a graveyard at night, watching four boys conduct dark magic rituals.
The strangest part is that Liv recognizes the boys in her dream. They're classmates from her new school in London, the school where she's starting over because her mom has moved them to a new country (again). But what's really scaring Liv is that the dream boys seem to know things about her in real life, things they couldn't possibly know--unless they actually are in her dreams? Luckily, Liv never could resist a good mystery, and all four of those boys are pretty cute....

I'm very interested in dreams and I love dreaming so this book sounds like something I'd love and I was very excited to pick it up. I thought the exposition was interesting and I really wanted to know what was going on with Liv & the boys' dreams. However, as we start to get explanations, it kind of got all over the place. Was the Tittle Tattle blog really necessary? Nope. It just reminded me of Gossip Girl except with a much worse name. It contributed little to nothing to the overall story (maybe except for the Tom thing, but that was pretty irrelevant too). Also, what they were actually doing was just...lame? It kind of felt out of place.

I could not stand Liv at all. She reminds me of that character in a horror movie that does stupid stuff constantly (ex: "let's all split up"). Yeah, I get that she's supposed to be brave and adventurous and all of that but there's a fine line between stupidity and bravery. I mean, if you knew something was extremely dangerous and had some people spooked, would you go in and do it? My favorite character was probably Mia or Greyson. But I could definitely do without the whole four blonde, downright gorgeous boys. So cliche, or maybe I've just grown out of that.

Anyway, to be more positive; one of the best parts of the story, as is with most, was the ending. I did not see that coming! Talk about crazy plot twists. It definitely made me want to see what happens next and how Gier plans to further the plot, especially with Annabel's current state and Liv's wish. The concept of dreams is, again, very interesting so I hope they play a big part in the rest of the series.

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