Sunday, August 23, 2015

Interview with Blogger Zoey Talbon

The Summer Blogger Promo Tour is an annual tour hosted by The Book Bratz, where we feature a different blogger each Sunday in July and August. Today we have an interview with Zoey Talbon from Uncreatively Zoey in order to get to know her and her blog better! We're so happy to have her featured on our blog.

1. Tell us about yourself! :D
 I'm currently 19 and studying zoology and waiting to get out of Wisconsin. There was, of course, a time I planned to work in publishing, but we somehow ended up here. Interests include cats, coffee, candles, and corgis. (And books. Obviously.) 

2. What got you into book blogging and how did you come up with the name Uncreatively Zoey for your blog?
I didn't start out as a book blog. I mostly just posted stuff I wrote or one of the 800 ideas I had at the time. But honestly? I have no idea why I started blogging about books. Everyone has these cool stories about how it happened or who inspired them, but I honestly cannot remember. Which is boring, I know. As for the title? It was originally called Zoey's Uncreatively Titled Blog because I was like, 14 when I created it. When I finally started blogging again, I cringed every time I read it. So I wanted to change to something shorter and slightly more professional, and ended up with Uncreatively Zoey. Still recognizable from what it was before, but not as silly sounding. Not that it's much better this way, haha. 

3. So this will probably be the hardest bookish question for any book blogger, but what is your all time favorite book? Just one!
WHY DOES ANYONE ASK THIS QUESTION ANYMORE? NO. NOPE. All three of the currently released books in The Raven Cycle series. 

4. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging is how many books I've discovered that I don't think I would have otherwise. Sure, I knew about Goodreads before, but there's only so much I would have found on there. I don't know that I ever would have read Stephanie Perkins if I hadn't been a blogger, and Anna and the French Kiss is now definitely among my absolute favorite reads. Bloggers everywhere - even ones who didn't usually read contemporary - swore up and down that it was fantastic, so eventually I caved and read it. Now I reread it at least once a year, probably. Blogging is especially important when it comes to contemporary for me. I'm much more of a fantasy reader, so I really rely on the blogging community to find contemporaries I think I'll enjoy. I finally bought Huntley Fitzpatrick's books a few days ago because of the community and can't wait to start them!

Thanks for stopping by, Zoey! Be sure to visit Zoey over at her blog here.

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