Sunday, August 2, 2015

Would You Rather? Bookish Edition

The Summer Blogger Promo Tour is an annual tour hosted by The Book Bratz, where we feature a different blogger each Sunday in July and August. For today's Summer Blogger Promo Tour, we have Sarena & Sasha Nanua here playing a bookish game of "Would You Rather?" 

Hey, everyone! It's Sarena and Sasha, twin bloggers from The Writing Duo. We're super excited to be featured on Wonderland Novels today for #SBPT15! Today we're going to be answering some questions in a fun WOULD YOU RATHER game! Here they are!

1. Would you rather read or write?
We suppose... write? I mean, we could write stories for ourselves, and read them all day long, but then again we have SO MANY BOOKS that we want to read by other authors! How could we lose out on that?

2.  Would you rather read fantasy or contemporary?
FANTASY. Contemporary is actually our least favourite genre, and we don't read it as often as speculative fiction. (SAME! -Alice)

3. Would you rather read about a love triangle or no romance whatsoever?
Yikes! Love triangles... some of them horrible, some of them are not so shabby (Throne of Glass, The Infernal Devices, etc); however, we actually don't care so much for books that contain romance as the main plot, so we could just read books without romance and be fine with that!

4. Would you rather read an eBook or a physical book?
DEFINITELY physical books. We don't particularly like reading eBooks, but we love collecting books!

5. Would you rather not read at all for a week or not blog at all for a week? 
Definitely not blog at all (oops, procrastination!). Yeah, we can't go a week without reading. WHAT WOULD BE LIFE? 

Thanks for having us! We had a great time! :) 
-Sarena and Sasha

Sarena NanuaSarena and Sasha Nanua are teenage twins living in Mississauga, Ontario. They love reading books in their spare time and enjoy science fiction and fantasy novels. They have been writing books since they were nine years old. The Gemstone is their first novel. 

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