Saturday, October 17, 2015

Affinity Tour - Windwalker - Air Awakens by Elise Kova

So, as everyone on this blog knows, I'm a big fan (understatement) of Air Awakens by Elise Kova. It's well crafted, exciting, provoking, spine-tingling, goosebump-causing, and one hell of a ride you can't miss.
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You'll see more of my adoration of this book there. :)
Now, before I get carried away, there are four types of affinities (hence, the affinity tour) in the world of Air Awakens - Windwalkers, Waterrunners, Firebearers, and Groundbreakers. If you're curious as to which one you could be, take the quiz here!

I'm usually a water related/water loving person - I swim, and I'm a Pisces. So when I took the quiz and got Windwalker, I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, another understatement. I'm basically Vhalla, and that. is. EPIC.

You are most at home in open spaces and have no fear of heights. The wind is your greatest ally and with it you can levitate objects and listen to whispers. You do not enjoy being pent up and value freedom highly.

You have a deep connection with the world and no one can hold you back. Many covet your power to Project your mind beyond your body and manipulate greater forces of magic.

You are just like: Vhalla Yarl

Now, as a Windwalker, I'm pretty rare and hard to find. I'm always water, so being air is a (quite literally) a refreshing breeze! See what I did there? But really, being a Windwalker would be so cool! If I'm a Windwalker, does the cold not bother me (anyway)? I really should stop with all these jokes hehe. 

Ironically, I do have a fear of falling backwards, but perhaps with my affinity to air, I can conquer that, and finally do the skydiving with my friends I always wanted! Also, all the cool tricks I can do to manipulate the air as I'm plummeting towards the ground - am I alone on this? I can even do it without a parachute, as Vhalla did when Aldrik pushed her over the ledge. 

And listening to whispers - I'd be able to hear if anyone is saying anything behind my back, or my friends/family's back! I'd hear all the gossip. Is that a good or bad thing? 

Air pretty much resonates with me and my personality. I can't be held back! 

What would I do for a day? I'm a simple person, so I'd start my day with a jog, and this time, I'd be able to manipulate the air so there would be no air resistance, and better times for my runs!
I'd be a speed demon! 

Pretty sure Windwalkers can fly... Oh, oh the possibilities. I don't have to pay for a thousand dollar plane ticket anymore. I can go to the Philippines anytime I want! Or Japan. Or Moscow. Or Europe. Anywhere I want to go, I'd go!

Makati is so beautiful the one place I didn't visit when I went to PH - I MISS THE PHILIPPINES SO MUCH
I need to go back to Tokyo; 5 days isn't enough. AND I CAN READ JAPANESE SORTA. 

Besides all that travel, I'd even try some Tae kwon do again, with a Windwalker twist. Here's a visual to show what a mean.

Everything seems so much easier when you're a Windwalker... sigh if only it was true. But the one thing everyone would be doing first - MAKING AIR SPIN IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND.

'Nuff said.

So what was everyone else's affinity? If you're a Windwalker, are you gonna try skydiving? If you're a Firebearer, are you gonna try the magic swallowing fire trick? Let me know in the comments below!

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