Monday, October 12, 2015

New York Comic Con 2015 Recap

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to New York Comic Con this year, for the first time ever. Although I was only able to go for one day due to college, it was still quite awesome!

I caught an early bus on Friday in order to come to the city (thankfully my fall break fell the weekend of NYCC), and I was so tempted to go pick up my badge at the Javits Center before I went home but I was super tired and figured I'd just go early on Saturday. 

On Saturday, as soon as I stepped onto the subway, I saw a bunch of people in cosplay and I knew right away they were going to NYCC. This was my first time so I was so giddy and excited! I was immediately reminded of BEA/BookCon (except with a lot more people, as if that's possible) as soon as I stepped into the Javits. My first stop, obviously, was the publishing booths and the first thing I did was play the Epic Reads Endgame treasure chest where we selected a random key from a jar and tried to open the lock - and I was the first winner of the day - I got a gift card! I wandered around the other publishing booths but honestly, there wasn't much going on around them. It was completely different from BEA in that everything was being sold and all the giveaways were for swag/samplers/etc. and the publishing booths didn't have a lot of traffic.

The Shadowhunters Team

After wandering around some more, I ate lunch and then headed to the Shadowhunters press junket, which was the main reason why I was there. I participated in a round table interview with the fabulous (and gorgeous!) cast, Cassie Clare, Showrunner Ed Decter, and Executive Producer McG. I was so nervous as this was the first time I've done something like this, but everyone was pretty friendly. Although everyone was hilarious and extremely pleasant, I'd have to say Alberto Rosende (Simon Lewis) had the biggest personality - he's just so fun to be around! (FYI - you can check out the interviews on

After the interview, I again just wandered around the show floor, checking out random booths and all the cosplay and costumes. The last thing I did was the NOVL dice giveaway and won an ARC of The Witch Hunter even though this book came out three months ago - I guess they had extras? 

The one thing I wish I did was branch out a little bit and visit more booths other than publishing ones, and I also wish I could have gone for more than a day, but hey, it was quite an experience to remember.

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