Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin Book-Signing and Book-off Deals!

This can also be titled - How Raisa Spent Her Saturday in the City

I recently read Wolf by Wolf (see my review here!), and when I found out Ryan Graudin was coming to the city, I had to go! Plus, her book signing and talk was in Kinokuniya, one of my favorite bookstores. It caters to your inner bookworm and your inner anime/manga obsession. Also, as a Japanese store, there's a ton of Japanese merchandise! But before I get carried away about my love of Kinokuniya (and we will talk more about our favorite NYC bookstores eventually!), let me tell you about Wolf by Wolf and Ryan Graudin.

At the book signing and event, Graudin read the opening scene to her novel, Wolf by Wolf. I actually have more but I had to cut it to fit the 100 mb.

I didn't really record/write down anything, in true Humans of New York fashion (Brandon Stanton doesn't write his interviews down and just remembers them), and I don't want to misquote anyone, so I'll do some short fun facts I learned from the event!

1. Wolf by Wolf will be a duology.
2. Adele will be in the second novel.
3. The sequel comes out next fall.
4. Ryan Graudin has a wolf-hybrid dog (Many more reasons for the wolf motif!)
5. Felix was the most frustrating character for her to write. Reason being, "you shouldn't force your characters to do something they don't want to do".
6. While Wolf by Wolf focused more on Yael, in the sequel, there will be much more of the other characters.
7. The Scorpion Rules is one of Graudin's favorite books! However, in contrast to its slow pace, Wolf by Wolf definitely has a faster, adrenaline filled vibe.
8. Certain characters carry similarities to real people (Erwin Reiniger to Erwin Rommel), but they're their own people
9. Wolf by Wolf is about Yael dealing with her identity as a skinshifter
10. Yael's wolf tattoos remind her of the people who shaped her and changed her into who she is. There were also washable wolf tattoos at the event!
11. Ryan Graudin saw Inglourious Basterds after writing Wolf by Wolf.

To finish off, there was a book signing of her novels, so I got my ARC of Wolf by Wolf signed, as well as The Walled City. Plus, there's a wolf stamp!


And I got a picture with her! She's so nice.

To top off my Saturday, I headed over to Book-off, home of the greatest deals in books and games and manga - and now, holiday goods! Amongst many other things. The YA section is hidden in the back on the second floor, where all the Japanese books are. If you really look, you'll find really hidden gems. This is what I found! All 5$ each! New releases too! They're such a steal.

Why would anyone sell these!?
I now intend to go back at the end of every month, because it seems that's when new releases appear. Preparing to be broke. There are also certain days (if you follow their twitter here) that they have even cheaper deals (you might be thinking - is this possible?!) But it is! And if you're in the NYC area, I recommend checking out both Kinokuniya and Book-off, they're only three streets away from each other.

How was everyone else's Saturday?

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